Climate adaptation in the 2 seas area

Build resilience against droughts (and water scarcity) by enhancing infiltration and water retention capacity of landscapes in regions of strategic importance for drinking water production.

Climate projections for the 2 seas area, point towards dryer and warmer summers with more extreme and concentrated precipitation events (summer storms). This could result in a higher demand for water production (on hot, dry days, water consumption can triple). Increased water abstractions volumes during summer will have high impacts at an already critical moment for water dependent ecosystems. This will aggravate the conflict between water provisioning and biodiversity conservation.

Restoring and developing blue-green structures in landscapes improves the hydrological resilience to droughts and floods, provides substantial climate mitigation benefits and benefits biodiversity.

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SWOT reports about Payment for Ecosytem Services ready

a series of workshops have been organized in Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019 to make an inventory of potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES)-scheme. In these workshops we discussed the need and desirability of PES-schemes from different perspectives.

The results have been gathered in three regional SWOT reports

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