PROWATER International Workshop

Webinar 16 September 2021



The partners of the Interreg 2 Seas project PROWATER are happy to introduce the PROWATER International Workshop on the design & operationalisation of a rewarding system for Ecosystem-based Adaptation. 

The seminar "How to incentivise Nature-based Solutions?" is the first in a series of events where we explore this overarching question, as well as more specifically how to incentivise Ecosystem-based Adaptation. 

  • 16 September - Seminar "How to incentivise Nature-based Solutions?"
  • 21 October - Expert workshop - communication will follow

We will bring together experts from across the regions on this topic of interest to you! Learn more about the daytime programme and evening programme below.


Within the Interreg 2 Seas project PROWATER we use nature and its ecosystems to tackle the environmental challenges that climate change presents, such as regular and prolonged drought and flood periods. This approach to climate adaptation is known as Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA). While a lot of these measures need to be taken on private land, there is a lack of incentives and instruments to facilitate their implementation. EbA measures also have the potential to deliver many other ecosystem services beside climate adaptation.

We consider Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) as a viable option to provide such incentives at a larger scale. We have explored PES examples and identified their strengths and weaknesses. There are many aspects to consider and still hurdles to overcome, when implementing certain models (at a larger scale) in the different regions.

At the seminar "How to incentivise Nature-based Solutions?" we want to exchange and discuss experiences with other projects and invited experts from across the Netherlands, France, Flanders and the United Kingdom.

Daytime Programme CEST

10.00     Welcome

10.10     Keynote by Dr. Laurence Couldrick (Westcountry Rivers Trust)

11.15     Perspectives from Flanders and France

12.00     Perspectives from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

12.30     Lunch break

13.30     Panel discussion with experts

15.00     End daytime programme

Evening Programme CEST

In this separate evening seminar, three experts will go in depth on key topics relevant to the 'Payment for Water Services' and how to incentivise Nature-based Solutions. 

19.00     Welcome

21.30     End evening programme

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